Original Back Glass / Back Pane For LG Wing (Illusion Sky)

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Original Back Glass / Back Pane For LG Wing (Illusion Sky)
Original Back Glass / Back Pane For LG Wing (Illusion Sky)
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Please Read Before Buying !

  • If you have damage the LG Wing back glass or If you are using phone with a cracked back glass and you looking for a replacement, you are on the right trusted website. On this web page, we offer a 100% premium quality back glass for the LG Wing, which you can use to replace a cracked back glass panel. The LG Wing back glass available on Zeposhop.com is 100% Premium Quality Same as Original. Here, you can purchase a back glass and restore the immaculate condition of your phone without any problems. It is precisely the same glass as you get with a new phone.
  • The LG Wing back glass is a vital part of the phone as it maintains the phone’s aesthetic look. The today all mobile phone brands often launch phones having mostly back glass panels, Which are available in many different colors. if you drop the phone once, the back glass will surely damage. In such cases, you should replace the back glass urgently because you don't want to keep using a broken phone. After all, a broken glass looks very clumsy. Here, we offer a 100% original back glass that helps you overcome all the back glass-related problems.

Valuable Details of Product !

  • This Back glass is 100% premium quality and Compatible for LG Wing Mobile Phone, We Promise to Bring to You the Best Quality Products from the Best Prices.
  • The Back Glass Comes With Corning Gorilla Glass Protection, The Glass Comes With The Logo and Will be Same as The Original.
  • The Back glass We Also Know as more names like, Battery Door, Battery Cover, Back Cover, Back Door, Back Panel, Back Battery Door.
  • Please Identify Your Product or Mobile Model Number Before Placing Order. Make Sure You are Ordering the Correct Product for Your Mobile, Because It Will Save You a Lot of Time.
  • This is Exactly The Same Back glass as it Comes With a Brand New Mobile. After Replacing The back glass, The Quality Will Remain The Same as Before Used glass.
  • Original Back glass are Much More Durable and Quality also Genuine When Compared With Fake Back glass and After Replacing The Glass, You Can Enjoy The Same Color and Finishing as Your Original Back glass.
  • You’ll Not Face Any Quality Degradation Issues Because The Back glass is 100% Original and Our Testing Team Check Each glass for 100% Flawless Fitting before Dispatch to the Customers.
  • If You Encounter Any Problem With Our Product, We Carry Our Products With a 30 Days Return and Replacement Guarantee Policy. So That The Customer is 100% Secure on The Zeposhop.com.
  • We Always Pack Your Product Very Securely to Avoid Any Damage Issue During Transit. Our Team Packs Your Parcel Very Safely in Hard one-by-one Two Type Boxes Together by Additional Layers of Protection. You can Always Record an Unboxing Video While Opening The Parcel, And it Will Serve as Proof in Case of any Anomaly.
  • You Get a 30 Days Time to Test and Verify the glass quality of New glass After Delivery. Please Note That Our Warranty does not Apply to Parts Used by Improper Installation and We Don’t Accept Returns If You’ve Removed the Warranty Sticker and Stamp.
  • You Can Order The Product and Using Online Payment Option Get Extra 5% Discount for Every Orders.
  • If You Ever Have a Problem, You Can Always Contact Our Support Team via WhatsApp, Email and Live chat.

Read The Installation Guidelines Carefully !

Dear Buyer, You might feel that you can easily install it yourself, Usually, installation is not a big problem as many technicians are easily available in the local market or nearby shops. Before you install the back glass, you should always test and verify its quality. Once you receive the back glass you ordered, first please get it tested by the mechanic without removing the (Warranty Stickers and Stamp) from the product you received. It means, don't remove back glass warranty sticker and stamp from the back glass unless the mechanic tests it fully otherwise the warranty will void. If any defect in product should be reported within 24 hours of delivery.

When Do You Need to Replace The LG Wing Back Glass ?

If you have used your phone for several years, you’ll surely have lots of scratches and dents on the back glass. Several other customers replace the back glass due to other interconnected issues like a accidental damage or scratched camera lens or a fingerprint scanner. If you have got a broken or dented, back glass, replacing it with a new one is effortless. The original back glass comes with the camera lens also, hence all the problems related to back glass are automatically resolved. New back glass completely renews your phone.

Why Should You Buy Back Glass from Zeposhop.com ?

1. We precisely offer what you want if you found Zeposhop.com while searching for the back glass and don’t want to compromise the quality. At Zeposhop.com, you can purchase an original back glass. We offering you best quality products from the best prices. Buying from us would be the best decision if you need a 100% original mobile spareparts.

2. Zeposhop.com offer only 100% original mobile spareparts and accessories, precisely the same as you get with a brand new phone. We offer 100% original product only, and you’ll love our quality. More then 97% of customers who buy products from Zeposhop.com blindly trust our expertise in this field and regularly continues with us. We promise you’ll never regret your purchase decision.

3. Zeposhop.com is a platform that can give you original products at the best price, if you buy products on Zeposhop.com, I promise to give you the original products at the best price. The product on this website is 100% original, and we always verify the quality before shipping the . The quality of a product depends on its manufacturing company, and You can always trust on with a product directly comes from the OEM company.

4. You should buy from Zeposhop.com only if you want to buy a 100% original back glass without compromising the quality. We don’t have the best prices on the Internet because compromising the quality and offering the best prices is not our business concept. In this industry, the best prices are possible only with duplicate products and such products are available on almost every website marketed as a first copy. All customers are not equal, and many customers wish to purchase the original product, but local shopkeeper dupe them in the market. Rest assured about receiving original spares when you purchase from us.

Is This Back Glass an 100% Original ?

At Zeposhop.com, our main motive is to provide original spares, and that’s why we don’t sell low-quality duplicate products. The back glass panel available on our website is identical to what you got with a brand new phone, and that’s why it offers the same shine and vividness. If you want a 100% original replacement, you don’t need to look any further.

This back glass is 100% the same as it comes with a brand new phone. We don’t sell any fake products because we totally understand that customers using premium phones don’t want to compromise on quality. This back glass is guaranteed to provide the same original quality and experience as before.

Is The New Back Glass Offers The Same Feel as The Original ?

Yes. It is precisely the same part as you get with a new phone. There is no difference in color, feel, or any other aspect. All these back glass come from OEM company's that craft these products for the actual mobile company. Please rest assured that the originality of your back door will not change in any aspect.

Is The New Back Glass as shiny and Vibrant as The Original One ? 

Yes! Exactly, The LG Wing back glass available here is as shiny and vibrant as the original one. You shouldn’t really worry about the quality because it is identical to what comes fitted with a brand new phone.

What is The Difference Between a Duplicate and Original Glass ?

  • The duplicate back glass are usually available for low prices because they are not made of glass. Such back panels are plastic made and provide a very cheap feel. Such back glass don’t come with the camera lens, On the other hand, we sell original back glass which is the same as you get assembled with a brand new phone. The colors and vividness are the same, and it also comes with a pre-installed camera lens. The original back glass fits seamlessly, and after installation, it will feel like you had never replaced it.
  • Customers often purchase duplicate products locally and then assume that original products are not available anywhere. The local market products are cheap because their quality is horrible, and shopkeepers purposefully source such products to lure more customers. A big chunk of customers is always ready for compromise provided they get a product for a throwaway price.
  • Original back glass offers of 100% same quality as your company-fitted panel, and customers appreciate this quality. When you purchase an original back glass, you can enjoy the same quality as before in all aspects.
  • All low priced back glass are duplicates and offer low quality. For example, a duplicate back glass is available in the local market, It is a fake back glass that doesn’t offer the same quality as before. So if you found the glass for a low price, you shouldn’t be happy because you are buying a very poor quality product, and the price is per the quality you get.
  • If you don’t want to buy an original back glass, you should head toward the local market or buy from websites that sell duplicate products. Buying for a low price is only possible if you sacrifice the quality, and that’s why counterfeit products exist all over the market.
  • We know that all customers don’t want to buy original product. Many people buy low-quality cheap stuff, We always suggest purchasing original parts to enjoy long term benefits. The original glass is a unique product, and duplicate glass can’t be compared to this one. Here are some quality differences between both :
  1. You don’t get the original camera lens with a duplicate back glass.
  2. The original back glass fits properly while the duplicate one doesn’t.
  3. The fitting of the counterfeit back glass is nowhere near to the original
  4. An original back glass adjoins well with the frame, while the duplicate one leaves gaps on the side.
  5. A duplicate glass comes in a fade color, while the original is as vibrant and shiny and its color never fades off.
  6. The original glass’s camera lens are perfectly fitted, while the camera lens in a duplicate glass wobble a lot.
  7. The color shades of a duplicate glass are totally different from the original one. If you apply a duplicate glass, the phone starts looking weird due to big color changes and this is major difference.

All in all, we don’t suggest low quality back glass if you love quality stuff. In case you don’t want to invest much, you can certainly buy the local products at low prices but don’t expect the same quality as before. There is absolutely no comparison between the copy and the original.

How to Trust of Zeposhop.com ?

1. How to trust of Zeposhop.com ? If first question in your mind is, then read the answers, You should purchase from Zeposhop.com only if you don’t want to compromise the quality. We offering you best quality products from the best prices. We’ve seen customers looking for cheap quality products burn their hands on the wrong products. Therefore, buying from us would be the best decision if you need a 100% original back panel.

2. Zeposhop.com offer only 100% original back glass, precisely the same as you get with a brand new phone. If you want to know about the source of the original spare parts, you should know that all authentic parts come from an OEM manufacturer. We also buy our stock from such OEMs company and that’s why our prices are best and you get the same quality as before. At Zeposhop.com, we offer 100% original product only, and you’ll love our quality.

3. More of customers who buy products from Zeposhop.com blindly trust our expertise in this field, and this is our biggest achievement to date. We are extremely grateful to customers who trust our words and buy products. We promise you’ll never regret your purchase decision because we know what we do.

I Have Never Bought The Mobile Parts Online Before. Will it Well Good ?

Many customers have never bought a mobile parts online before, and they worry if things will go well or not. We suggest that you don’t worry because buying a mobile spare parts online is 100% safe because you always get a 30 days testing and return guarantee with the spare parts. It means you get a chance checking the back panel it on your phone. When you test the panel yourself, you can easily identify any potential issues. Although new back panel never have any issues.

Will There be Any Difference in The Color Shade of The Back Glass ?

We guarantee 100% precise colors, exactly the same as you had before. Please note that, when you buy a duplicate product, the colors never match precisely with the original, and your phone starts to look weird, and that’s normal. Here, we offer 100% original back glass, and there is no chance of any color discrepancy. The back panel will be the same as you are currently using.

How Does The Duplicate Back Glass Feel Like ?

Local manufacturers craft the duplicate back glass, and all the components are duplicate. The camera lens is made of very cheap glass, we have seen all products ourselves, and if you also compare them side by side, you can easily get the difference. The original back glass is sturdy, while the duplicate is very flimsy. It damage easily, and colors fade off in a jiffy.

Does The New Back Glass Fit Well ?

Yes. The original back glass fits very well, and you won’t see any open erea between the glass and the middle frame. The back glass locks itself on the middle frame, and it is important to note that the middle frame should be in perfect condition so that the back glass can fit properly.

What is the Difference Between Zeposhop.com and Others ?

1. Many customers rush to purchase duplicate glass because the original one is costly, but if the back glass faulty, customers want to purchase a original back glass for the lowest price and Zeposhop.com is a platform that can give you original products at the best price.

2. In the most city's and places, you can’t find an original glass because these original glass are costly compare to duplicate panel. If you go to your city’s local market, you’ll find the glass but only a duplicate one because that’s the only available product. If you buy products on Zeposhop.com, I promise to give you the original products at the best price.

3. The original back glass comes from the OEM manufacturer, a company designated to make original glass. The back glass manufactured by this company go into brand new mobiles, which we offer here. The product on this website is 100% original, and we always verify the quality before shipping the . The quality of a back panel depends on its manufacturing company, and you can never go wrong with a product that directly comes from the OEM.

4. The final decision to buy a back panel depends on the glass quality for you prefer. You can surely purchase low-quality duplicate back glass for affordable prices but they will never last long. Zeposhop.com is the one available alternative for all your mobiles needs, selling only the original mobile accessories at the best price.

Can I Replace The Back Glass Myself at Home ?

The inner structure of LG Wing is complex, and we don’t recommend self replacement at home. You might not have all the necessary tools and skills to open the phone, and you can actually worsen the situation. We have seen customers trying self-repairs and end up damaging other components of the phone. We suggest that first, you watch the back glass replacement videos on YouTube, familiarize yourself with the process, Please don’t risk the phone and always visit an expert technician to replace the glass. It is effortless to install the back panel at home, provided you have got the right tools in your hands and you do this regularly and you have the experience of changing the glass, then you can change the glass at home.

How Much Does a Technician Charge to Install The Back Glass ?

The normal installation charges are around Rs 200-500 for such work. If technicians are hardly available in your remote area, then their asking price might be a bit higher because they are opportunists and often try to take advantage of their dominant position. Before you order a product, you can discuss the installation procedure and changes with a technician in advance to avoid any hassle later.

   Product Details :

  • This is 100% Premium Quality Back Glass for LG Wing
  • Back Glass Comes With Corning Gorilla Glass Protection
  • The Back Glass is as Shiny and Vivid as The Original One
  • It is a Premium, Exactly Same as Comes With a Brand New Phone
  • The Glass Offers The Same Colors as Exactly Your Original Glass
  • The Glass Comes With The Logo and Will be Same as The Original
  • We Guarantee Same Quality as You Used to Get With Original Glass
  • These Back Glass Comes With a 30 Days Replacement Guarantee
  • Back Glass We Also Know as Battery Door|Battery Cover|Back Door




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Q: Is it original? +

A: To ensure the authenticity of our products, we only source our item from authorized reseller or importer only. Additionally, every item sold on Zeposhop comes with a warranty for your peace of mind.

Q: When will I get my delivery? +

A: All orders are generally dispatched within 48 hours after the confirmed order. We use reputable courier companies such as Bluedart, Ecom, Delhivery, etc. Typically, orders are delivered within 4-5 working days. Delivery times may vary in rural areas.

Q: What is the return and refund policy? +

A: We have a 7-day replacement policy from the date of delivery. If you receive a defective or damaged item, you can request a replacement within this period. Refund is only possible if we are unable to provide a replacement or if the item is no longer in stock.

Q: What are the payment modes? +

A: We accept various payment modes, including UPI, credit cards, debit cards, Net Banking, Wallet, PhonePe, Paytm, G-Pay etc. You can find the complete list of accepted payment methods during the checkout process.